The FIO management team is rich in experience in manufacturing innovation and sales to government agencies, the healthcare industry, and the private business sectors. We are committed to bringing the U.S. market nitrile disposable gloves they can be proud of.

Barbara Francis


With more than 40 years as an accomplished business woman, Barbara has been vital in the founding of three successful businesses - all still in existence. Over the last 25 years, she has focused her profession on manufacturing. It has long been her goal to create a work environment where the standard of safety and quality are paramount. Rooted in giving back to her community Barbara has a long career not only in manufacturing, but in non-profit work. Some of her biggest achievements include being a long-time member of the Church board and serving as a CASA advocate for children and families.

Dale Francis


Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Dale has long been a trailblazer in the industrial manufacturing and business worlds. Over the last 50 years, he has successfully managed four startups from concept to fruition, all of which are still thriving companies today. His manufacturing achievements include over 20 patents, both domestically and worldwide over the last five decades, winning the Woelfel Engineering Achievement Award which he received at the 1999 OTC in Houston TX, and developing the world’s first fully automated hydraulic torquing system. Dale is no stranger to innovation, and thrives when creating new designs that elevate the industry through technological advancements.

Jordan Schupbach

Executive Vice President

Serving as the head of the company’s quality management system, Jordan has a long history of implementing and maintaining high-level certifications such as ISO, CE and EOS. With a focus of quality close at hand, she has been the lead on the creation and maintenance of tooling manuals, quality control processes/procedures/forms, and overall business quality compliance. In addition to quality, Jordan has co-managed high level technical and innovation projects, as well as spearhead related marketing materials and campaigns.

Josh Francis

Vice President of Sales

In his 18 years of sales management and business development, Josh has travelled over a million miles world-wide to establish a strong distribution network that includes six continents. He has a proven sales strategy that grew an existing business over 1200% in 10 years, without receiving any outside investment. In addition to sales growth, he has also lead projects with the U.S. Army for seven-figure orders, as well as several other government related bids and contracts. Always looking to the future, Josh has been at the forefront of new business strategies, such as consulting with IPA, EOS and Sandler - relationships that have been transformative to the trajectory of the company.

Judy Francis

Vice President of Business Development

Judy has spent the last 20 years working in sales and business development in both the medical and pharmaceutical industries. She has excelled in bringing the market cutting edge medical devices that revolutionized surgical practices in various fields with Fortune 100 companies such as JNJ and Medtronic. Consistently in the top 10% of sales, Judy has proven herself to be a vital asset to the medical industry and her clients time and time again. Not only is Judy an indispensable sales person, but she can also speak six languages: English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, French, Japanese and Spanish.

Nic Francis

Vice President of Operations & Finance

Nic takes a hands-on approach to operations management, and strives maintain a safe and friendly work environment that keeps design-innovation and efficiency at the forefront. Having nearly 15 years of experience in operations management in manufacturing, Nic has proven himself on how to work with a team to get product runs at a high-level of accuracy through making operational innovations in products and services. In regards to finance, Nic has overseen the implementation of extensive audits and reviews, as well as maintains the company’s high standards of financial accuracy and compliance.

Stephen Marsh

Strategic Teaming Partner

Stephen is a former Marine, retired Army aviator, and military contractor with multiple shipboard, operational and combat tours, and is currently the CEO of Billy Edward Consulting. With over 28 years of experience in government contracting, he brings the extensive leadership and knowledge needed to successfully build FIO teams that will solicit and fulfill commercial and government contracts while staffing our project with veterans.

Ari David Ehrlich, CFA

VP of Finance & Strategic Advisor

Ari has a uniquely blended experience of investment management, corporate finance and as an operating company executive. Ari shines at advising across industries and geographies in various capacities including executive and board advisory, capital planning, reporting, risk management and due diligence. Prior to his CFO positions and client related work, Ari was a member of the Senior Investment Team for a $500 million hedge fund and family office, and previously worked as a Senior Associate in the Product Development Group at Lehman Brothers.