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The U.S. is currently almost completely reliant on foreign manufacturers and suppliers for critical personal protection equipment.

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FIO, Francis Innovation Operations, is focused on nitrile gloves

Disposable gloves are arguably the most essential piece of PPE equipment when considering personal protection from environmental biohazards and risks. However, gloves are also more challenging to produce and require greater manufacturing expertise. Our first priority will be to ensure hospitals, clinics, government, and care facilities are prepared for the future, but we will also supply nitrile gloves to countless other industries such as food service, and auto repair.

Why nitrile gloves?

Nitrile gloves PPE have become the standard when it comes to disposable examination gloves for hand protection. Not only are they safer on skin, and more puncture proof, but they also they don’t require the depletion of natural resources to make them like latex gloves.

According to February Forbes, even after more production is installed in 2021, there will still be a shortfall of 165 billion gloves.

Annual global demand is estimated to exceed $50B and is predicted to exceed $65B by 2027.

Over 95% of the world’s nitrile gloves are made in southeast Asia.

North America is currently the largest user of nitrile gloves globally.

An Experienced and Knowledgable Leadership Team

FIO's management has over 40 years of manufacturing innovation, expertise, and knowledge

  • Building a state-of-the-art, almost fully automated U.S. manufacturing plant
  • Creating scalable operations so production can quickly adapt to increased demand
  • Developing a vertically integrated North America supply chain

After decades of business development and profitable sales in U.S. manufactured products, we know what our customers want

  • FIO nitrile gloves will be high-quality, medical-grade, and competitively priced
  • FIO will offer customers easier, and potentially faster and cheaper delivery with a centrally located plant in Texas or Louisiana
  • FIO will create hundreds of skilled jobs focused on hiring U.S. Veterans

Demand for nitrile gloves and other critical protective PPE equipment will only continue in the future, and FIO will be ready

Impending pandemics

Covid-19 mutations like Delta and Lambda are already occurring, and new pandemics are predicted.

Global mobilization

As global mobility accelerates, so does the spreading of viruses worldwide.

Global growth

The world population is predicted to be 8B inhabitants in 2023, contributing to disease vulnerability.

Urban density

The transmission of disease increases as urban areas become denser.  Currently, over 50% of the world population is estimated to live in urban areas.


Leveraging our knowledge and experience in innovation and manufacturing to answer a critical health and safety challenge for our nation

In the wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic, FIO was created in hopes of helping ensure the safety of our communities and to eliminate the crippling U.S. reliance on foreign personal protection equipment. Never again should workers at our hospitals, care facilities, schools, grocery stores, governments, or private businesses be so at risk.

FIO will build an ethically driven, almost fully automated production plant that will utilize a North American vertically integrated supply chain to produce quality PPE right here in the United States. FIO means To Become in Latin. Nitrile gloves are just the beginning, as FIO aspires To Become the U.S. PPE supplier and manufacturing leader. Safety is more important than ever, and we are committed to producing quality, affordable PPE for Americans as we pave the way for a brighter future.

The time is now to be brave, bold and swift.

Barbara & Dale Francis
Owner & President